MOD APK v1.8.5 Download Latest Version (2024) MOD APK v1.8.5 Download Latest Version (2024)

The attractive graphics, exciting game features, and the multiplayer mode of this game is the actual magnet for gamers.

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Mod Version v1.8.5
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attractive graphics/multiplayer mode/actual magnet for gamers

Do you enjoy playing games and keep looking for fun games to play? Your presence here definitely answers that question. We have brought you a video game for your spare time. is an Android game allowing users to play the old-school snake game with a twist. The game has exciting features and updates for the players.

You play as a snake in the game and change your skin if you want. The player has to complete several tasks in the game to achieve a reward and move to the next level. is a challenging game that brings the world of snakes to you. You begin the game as a little worm, and as you advance to new levels, it turns you into a snake.

The developers of this addictive game are Lowtech Studios. The attractive graphics, exciting game features, and the multiplayer mode of this game is the actual magnet for gamers. The goal is to try and raise your snake to as big as possible without getting hit by other snakes. This game is receiving popularity among game enthusiasts.

The latest version of the game is available on the Google Play Store for users to download. The features of this gaming app are continuously updated to make it the best snake game in the world. The game allows you to play online with other players from around the world and increase the excitement of the game for the player.

About the MOD APK

The app is an Android gaming app. It is available on the Google Play Store. The app has exciting features and adventures. The information about the app will help the user decide whether they want to install the app on their device.

Features of the MOD APK app:

 The MOD APK app has some exciting and stunning gaming features that make this app captivating and addictive for users. The Graphics of the game increase the gaming experience for the players. The developers of the app update the features of the app regularly to make it better. These features of are high quality.


Features of the MOD APK app:

Simple and intuitive

The app has a simple and easy-to-use user interface. The touch controls of the app are simple to understand. They are also beginner-friendly, so even if you are a new gamer, you can still play this game without any problem. To direct your snake, you have to touch the screen, and it will change its direction.

Exciting updates

In the app, Android users will find exciting new updates and features not present in any other gaming app. These features are advanced and give a thrilling game experience to the users. These new updates make the game better and more captivating.

The exciting audio and visual effects in the game are the cause of its fast-growing popularity among gamers. The app allows users to play the game with other players online or solo. All these new features make this game the best Android game for the players.

Simple Interface

The Gameplay of is simple and easy to understand. It allows the user to get the hang of the game without difficulty. The rules of the game are pretty simple. The player only has to direct the snake to eat the particles as much as possible and avoid getting hit by other snakes.

The tasks of the game are also easy to understand and perform. Once the player practices the game enough, they can win all the levels and become a professional. The player unlocks a new level of the game app when they complete the given tasks.

AI-generated tasks

If you like games with exciting and captivating tasks to perform, this game is the best option for you. The app has AI-generated goals and levels for the players that help them to learn strategy planning. These tasks give the players specific goals to achieve, and if you succeed in achieving the goals, you advance to the next level.

This game allows you to play it with or without the internet and indulge yourself in the world of snakes. Perform the tasks successfully and become a pro at this game. The difficulty level of these tasks gradually increases with every new stage.

Invisible Skin

The app allows the customization of the snake for the player. You can change the skin color of your snake according to your liking by navigating the menu option on the screen. There are several colors that you can choose from.

The invisible skin option is the latest update of this game. It is self-explanatory. It allows the user to turn their snake invisible to the other players. This feature of the gaming app is helpful when you are playing the game online. Being invisible helps you win the rounds and advance to new levels.

Multiplayer mode

The gaming experience becomes even more fun when played with other game enthusiasts. The MOD APK allows the user to connect with other players on the app and play the game online with different players.

You can also connect with your friends and invite them to join you in the game. Challenge them and enjoy the thrilling experience of the game. Take on hundreds of opponents at once and indulge yourself in winning the levels by completing your tasks.


The worst thing that can happen when you play a game online is the pop-up ads that show up while you are in the game. These ads are annoying and frustrating at times as they interrupt the game. Online gaming apps usually show ads while you are playing the game. is different in this regard. This gaming app is made entirely ad-free. The ads don’t show up while you are playing, and this feature gives the users a stunning gaming experience. The ads-free features of this app make it outstanding and best among other games.

High Speed

The high-speed feature of the game allows the user to move their snake faster than the other players in the game. It helps them reach the food particles quicker than the other snakes and grow bigger. The high-speed feature is thrilling and gives a feeling of rush. This feature is available in the MOD APK version of the game.

Graphics and Audios

Graphics and the audio quality of any gaming platform add a lot to its popularity. Gamers are attracted to the captivating graphics of the games. If the pixels and graphics quality of the game is not up-to-the-mark, then there is no fun in playing that game.

In the case of, it allows the user to immerse in the fantastic features and intriguing audio quality. The game is incredibly accessible for low-end devices. The features of the game are captivating and addictive for the users. Stunning visual and audio effects are the prominent cause of its rapidly increasing popularity.

Unlimited life

In the original gameplay of this app, the user does not have unlimited life. If your snake collides with any other snake in the game, then the game is over. This feature is in the MOD APK version of the game. This version has introduced the unlimited life feature in the game for the users.

It explains itself a lot. The unlimited life feature means you can play for as long as you wish and not die in the game. The user can get hit by other snakes, but their snake will not die if they have unlimited life. This feature makes the game even more fun and exciting to play.

How to Download the MOD APK app on Android?

If your device is compatible with this app and supports the app, then you can easily install the game on your Android device from the Play Store. The Android OS required for the app is 2.3 or up. Follow the few steps and get your hand on this exciting game.

  1. Go to the Google Play Store.
  2. Search in the search bar.
  3. Locate the required app from the options and click it.
  4. Press the Download button and wait for the installation process.
  5. After the process, you can launch the game and start having fun.

How to Download the MOD APK app on Android?


After all, is said, it is clear that the MOD APK app is one of the best game apps for Android users. The app gives the users an experience of the snake world. It is a worth playing multiplayer gaming app that helps users connect with other people playing the game online from the world. allows the player to practice strategies and avoid getting hit by other snakes moving around. The game allows customization of the snakes and invisible snake skin that helps you go longer in the game. Playing with friends increases the excitement of the game and gives a better experience. The app is a source of entertainment for game lovers and players.


Q: Can I change the skin of the snake in the game?

A: Yes, the game allows the user to change their skin color in the game. You have to navigate the menu on your game and click on the skin color option in the game allows you to change the skin into different colors and even go invisible.

Q: Is the game safe to download?

A: Yes, the MOD APK version of the game is safe to download on your device. The safety of data and the privacy of the users is the top priority of the developers of this game. This app does not harm your Android device. It helps the user to experience an exciting gaming journey.

Q: Is MOD APK game solo or multiplayer?

A: The MOD APK game allows the users to play it solo or in multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode allows the user to play the game with online players. It also increases the gaming experience for the players.

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