Download Boom Beach APK v48.136 Free For Android (Updated)

Download Boom Beach APK v48.136 Free For Android (Updated)

Storm the beach and win the day!

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4.3 ( 538 ratings )
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Name Boom Beach
Publisher Supercell
Genre Games
Size 160 MB
Version v48.136
Update Aug 1, 2023
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Boom Beach is the most famous version in the Boom Beach series of publisher Supercell
Mod Version v48.136

Whats New

Welcome to the latest Boom Beach update!

Introducing Time Savers!
These tickets will take 15 minutes off from timers. They can be gained from exploring, reward chests or trader offers.

The Trader is expanding her operations.
Trader offers will refresh each day when available. You can also refresh the offers by buying them all or paying a small fee.

NPC battles have a new feature: Fast-forward
This lets you complete battles much faster.

Many smaller improvements.

Boom Beach is an exciting strategy game that many people love to play. Supercell makes it and has over 50 million downloads. Boom Beach is about building a strong headquarters, training powerful armies, and defeating the Blackguard to free the islands and restore peace. Prepare to strategize, defend your base, and embark on thrilling missions in this epic adventure!

Boom Beach Mod APK is like a special version of Boom Beach, where you have endless diamonds and coins. Boom Beach Mod APK gives you many different soldiers like Riflemen, Medics, and Bombardiers. The cool part? Soldiers return after battles, so you’re always set for the next challenge.

There are big battleships, too, ready to attack. Task Force missions, strong defenses, and special events make the game even more exciting. Get ready to rock the seas with endless diamonds and awesome strategy in Boom Beach Mod APK.

Unleashing Heroes in Boom Beach APK

Prepare to lead with unparalleled might as we delve into the realm of heroes in Boom Beach.

  1. Heroes and Their Significance: Discover the heroes who will fight by your side. Each comes with a unique backstory and set of abilities.
  2. Commanding Hero Abilities: Delve into each hero’s distinct powers. Uncover how to employ their abilities for maximum impact strategically.
  3. Leveling and Progression: Explore the journey of leveling up your heroes. Learn how to enhance their skills and make them formidable forces.
  4. Choosing the Right Hero: Different scenarios demand different heroes. Master the art of choosing the right hero for each battle and mission.
  5. Team Dynamics: Comprehend how to blend hero abilities with your troops and strategies. Forge synergies that can tip the scales of victory.

With heroes’ power, you’ll rewrite the battle narrative in Boom Beach. Equip yourself with the knowledge to lead your heroes with finesse and secure triumph on every front.

Boom Beach: Defend Your Territory

In Boom Beach, your base is like your home sweet home, and you want to protect it from trouble. Here is how:

  • Think of defense as a guard for your base. It stops bad guys from wrecking your place.
  • Different tools for defense, like guns and towers.
  • Arranging Your Base is like arranging furniture in your room.
  • Adding extra layers for extra protection.
  • Making Defenses Stronger

With these tricks, you’ll be a pro at protecting your base. No more worries about bad guys – you’ll be ready to face anything that comes your way in Boom Beach!

Boom Beach Resource Management

In Boom Beach, resources are the lifeblood of your progress. Imagine them as treasures waiting to be harnessed. Like a wise explorer, you’ll learn to gather resources from various sources across your island. These resources, such as wood and gold, act as your currency for growth.

Managing resources is like maintaining a delicate balance. It’s about knowing when to invest in your base’s expansion and when to enhance your troops’ abilities. As your base flourishes, you’ll have more resources to allocate. This growth, collection, and strategic allocation cycle will propel you forward in the game.

Through effective resource management, you’ll become a skilled commander who can confidently navigate the seas of Boom Beach. Get ready to uncover the secrets of maintaining a thriving island empire by maximizing your resources to their fullest potential.

Conquering Challenges in Boom Beach

  1. Embracing Challenges: Challenges are like exciting puzzles. They come in different forms, from enemy bases to special missions.
  2. Developing Winning Strategies: Think of challenges as opponents in a game. We’ll help you create smart strategies to overcome them.
  3. Raiding Enemy Bases: Imagine challenges as hidden treasures guarded by enemies. We’ll show you how to plan your attacks and claim the rewards.
  4. Capturing New Islands: Challenges are like uncharted territories waiting to be explored. Learn how to conquer new islands for more resources.
  5. Rising through the Ranks: With each challenge you conquer, you’ll earn rewards and climb higher. It’s like leveling up in a game!

Boom Beach APK Events and Rewards

  1. Monthly Adventures: Imagine events as chapters in an ever-changing story. A new adventure unfolds each month, introducing fresh challenges and exclusive rewards.
  2. Special Missions: Picture events as secret missions that materialize unexpectedly. These surprise quests offer a chance to prove your skills and claim unique prizes.
  3. Competition and Glory: You’ll find opportunities to showcase your prowess within events. Engage in friendly competitions with other players, striving for the top spots on the leaderboards.
  4. Bountiful Rewards: With victory comes spoils in the form of rewards. Imagine them as tokens of your achievements—tangible proof of your dedication and mastery. These rewards range from resources to unique items that enhance your gameplay.
  5. Embracing the Fun: The Boom Beach world is alive with various events. There’s always something to engage with, from resource-focused challenges to strategic showdowns.

Boom Beach Mod APK: Good and Not-So-Good

Good Things:

  • Lots of Resources: You get plenty of diamonds and coins, so building and upgrading is easier.
  • Fast Progress: Your base grows quicker, and heroes become stronger in less time.
  • Try New Stuff: You can experiment with strategies without worrying about running out of resources.
  • Heroes Ready to Go: All heroes and powers are unlocked, giving you many options.
  • Less Grinding: You don’t need to spend as much time gathering resources.

Not-So-Good Things:

  • Fairness Issue: It might be unfair to other players who play without the mod, as you’ll have an advantage..
  • Safety Concerns: Downloading mods might expose your device to viruses.
  • Updates Might Be Tricky: Mod might not work with future updates, causing problems.

 Boom Beach Attack Strategies

  1. Scout and Plan: Think like a mastermind. Scout enemy bases and plan your attack smartly before launching.
  2. Troop Mix: Your troops are vital. Combine different types for the best attack strategy.
  3. Flares and Funnels: Flares guide your troops. Use them to control and direct your troops where they’re needed.
  4. Defeat Defenses: Defenses are obstacles. Learn to target and disable them for victory.
  5. Heroes at Play: Heroes are key players. Deploy them smartly for maximum impact.
  6. Tactical Retreat: Battles are like chess. Know when to retreat and regroup.
  7. Raid Resources: Resources are treasures—master raiding for valuable loot.
  8. Free the Islands: Islands need liberation. Overcome Dr. T’s challenges to unlock rich resources.

With these attack strategies at your command, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with in Boom Beach. Harness your troops, heroes, and tactical insight to achieve victory on every front.

Navigating Boom Beach Task Forces

Becoming a Boom Beach Pro is more than being good at the game. It’s about thinking strategically and never giving up. As you discover how to build tough bases, strategize attacks, and handle resources, you’re preparing yourself to take the lead.

Facing challenges helps you find your style and feel confident in any situation. With each island claimed and each challenge overcomes, you inch closer to the realm of the elite, where you stand as a testament to your dedication, skill, and triumphs in Boom Beach.

  1. Forming Your Team: Task forces are like crews. Learn how to create or join one, teaming up with others for a powerful alliance.
  2. Missions Together: Just like group projects, task forces tackle missions as a team. Discover how to work together to conquer challenging tasks.
  3. Teamwork Strategies: Imagine a brainstorming session with friends. Learn how task force members can collaborate on strategies for maximum success.
  4. Stay Connected: Communication is key. Explore how to coordinate attacks, share tips, and keep the team spirit alive.
  5. Earn Together: With great teamwork comes great rewards. Learn how task forces can earn exclusive prizes by achieving milestones together.

Installation Guide for Boom Beach Mod APK

  1. Download the Mod APK: Get the Boom Beach Mod APK from a trusted source, usually available on safe websites or forums.
  2. Allow Unknown Sources: In your device settings, enable installations from unknown sources in the ‘Security’ or ‘Privacy’ section.
  3. Locate the Download: Find the downloaded APK file using your device’s file manager, often in the ‘Downloads’ folder.
  4. Start Installation: Tap the APK file to start the installation, and confirm any prompts that appear.
  5. Grant Permissions: If it’s your first time, allow the app to be installed by granting necessary permissions.
  6. Installation Progress: Watch as the app installs; it typically takes a while.
  7. App Installed: You’ll receive a notification once the installation is done.
  8. Open and Play: Launch the Boom Beach Mod APK and dive into unlimited resources and exciting features.

With the Boom Beach Mod APK ready, you’re set for an adventure without resource limitations.

Mastering Boom Beach: Tips and Tricks

  • Resource Management Wisdom. Smart management is key to rapid progression.
  • Base Building Brilliance to repel the attack and stay strong.
  • Conquer battles with strategies.
  • Unveil the potential of heroes and their unique abilities. Utilize their strengths to lead your forces to victory.
  • Get monthly challenges and events that keep the excitement alive. Prove your skills and reap the rewards.

Essential Gameplay in Boom Beach: What You Need to Know


  • Building Your Base
  • Gathering Resources
  • Conquering Islands
  • Battling the Blackguard: The Blackguard are the bad guys in the game.
  • Special Events: Events add a twist to the game. Dive into monthly challenges, missions, and competitions for exciting rewards.
  • Mastering Heroes
  • Joining Forces


Boom Beach Mod APK is a strategic game that enhances your analytical thinking and improves your decision-making skill. It opens the door to an exciting world of possibilities where you can do anything. Boom Beach Mod apk gives bundles of offers to upgrade your game and play like a pro player. It’s like getting a non-stop adventure. So, grab your device and start your journey with the Boom Beach Mod apk with unlimited diamonds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Boom Beach Mod APK Safe to Use?

A: While Mod APKs offer advantages, they can pose security risks. Ensure you download from trustworthy sources to minimize risks.

Q: Can I Play Online with the Mod APK?

A: The Mod APK allows gameplay, but online interactions might differ. Be prepared for potential variations compared to the official version.

Q: Will I Lose My Progress If I Switch to the Mod APK?

A: Progress might transfer only partially between versions. Back up your data before switching to avoid losing your hard-earned achievements.

Q: Can I Get Banned for Using the Mod APK?

A: Using modded versions can lead to bans or restrictions from the game.

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