NU Carnival APK v2.0.0 Free Download For Android (2024)

NU Carnival APK v2.0.0 Free Download For Android (2024)

The game unfolds a captivating story, blending turn-based battles and visual novel elements to deliver an unparalleled gaming journey. However, players must collect required resources to stay ahead in

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NU: carnival, also known as 新世界狂歡, is a social simulation RPG mobile game developed by Infinity Alpha in collaboration with SGArts. In a world where elemental spirits once disrupted peace, players step into Eiden’s shoes, a newcomer to the Klein Continent, with a mission to restore harmony.

The game unfolds a captivating story, blending turn-based battles and visual novel elements to deliver an unparalleled gaming journey. However, players must collect the required resources to stay ahead in this game.

This article is here to guide you on downloading and installing Nu Carnival. Remember, this game is only for adults, so you can’t find it on Google Play or the App Store. Be careful when you download it.

Gameplay & Characters of Nu Carnival

Long ago, the Klein Continent had problems because of wild elemental spirits. The Grand Sorcerer Huey made strong altars with gemstones to control these crazy forces.

Huey and his group looked after the altars for years, but he suddenly disappeared. Without care, the balance among the elements broke, and monsters and natural disasters appeared.

From another world, Eiden was called by special creatures and seen as a possible hero. To help, he has to make the gemstones strong again by getting close to clan members and finding a way home.


Gameplay & Characters of Nu Carnival


NU: carnival offers a turn-based battle system, allowing players to create a customizable five-member party through contracts in the Journey feature. Players strategically employ type matchups and unique special skills to overcome enemies.

Companions can be enhanced by increasing levels, star ratings, and potential. The Intimacy feature involves giving gifts obtained from stages to allies, raising intimacy levels to unlock gifts and story scenes.

Players must use elemental-type matching keys to access explicit scenes for specific allies. The Workshop feature lets players craft items for battle and intimacy, fulfilling orders for coins. Exploration utilizes low-ranking allies to scavenge areas, enhanced by exploration skills unlocked through potential.

  • Yakumo
  • Quincy
  • Garu
  • Kuya
  • Morvay
  • REI
  • Dante
  • Eiden
  • Huey
  • R I n

NU: Carnival Mission Variety

In NU: Carnival, various mission types are available, each carrying equal significance within the game. These missions, once completed, are reset, providing fresh opportunities. With each reset, missions bring valuable rewards, such as gems and potions, aiding your progress.


NU: Carnival Mission Variety


The Mission Tab in NU: Carnival encompasses six mission categories:

  • Guild
  • Personal
  • Events
  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Daily

It’s important to note that personal missions are achievement-focused and don’t have time limits. They offer enticing rewards, so prioritizing them for initial rewards is a good idea. Conversely, event missions are tied to ongoing game events. They must be completed before the event concludes to reap their benefits.

Daily Bonuses in NU: Carnival

You’ll receive additional rewards when you log into NU: Carnival each day. For a month, players who consistently log in can accumulate more than 800 gems, a valuable in-game currency. Moreover, you’ll also receive 13 scrolls for a single summon, which holds a combined value of over 7800 gems.


Daily Bonuses in NU: Carnival


Even if you miss a day here and there, there’s no need to worry. The gems you might have missed out on can be recovered. The process starts with as few as 50 gems, your initial cost. This cost will increase by five gems every day, and you have the flexibility to catch up on multiple days’ logins in one go.

We strongly recommend players catch up on any missed days, particularly when they can receive summon scrolls and gems as part of their login rewards. The daily rewards you receive can easily outweigh the gem cost required to catch up on days you’ve missed.

How to Download Nu Carnival on Android

Exploring Nu Carnival’s Uniqueness

Due to its explicit content, “Nu Carnival” takes a different route and isn’t present on Google Play.

Venturing to the Official Site

Start your Journey by visiting the official Nu Carnival website.

Spotting Android Download

Scroll through the website and spot the option labeled “Android Download.”

Acquiring the Game File

Use the link provided to acquire the game file on your device.

Unfolding the Download

Once the download is complete, access the file from your device’s downloads folder.


Unfolding the Download


Guided Installation

Follow the installation steps presented on your device’s screen.

Completing the Setup

Ensure all prompts are addressed correctly to complete the installation.

Embarking on the Journey

With the installation finalized, initiate the game to begin your immersive Adventure in “Nu Carnival.”

By following these steps, you’re unlocking the door to a world filled with intrigue, romance, and gameplay excitement, all available through the “Nu Carnival” download process on Android.

How to Download Nu Carnival on iOS

Discovering Nu Carnival

Like Android, you won’t find “Nu Carnival” on the App Store due to its mature themes.

Visit the Official Site

Head to the official Nu Carnival website to access the game’s download options.

Locating iOS Download

Seek out the “iOS Download” choice on the website to proceed with the process.

Downloading the Game

Utilize the provided link to download the game file onto your device.

Opening the Download

Once the file is downloaded, locate and open it on your iOS device.


Opening the Download


Installation Instructions

Follow the installation instructions that appear on your device’s screen.

Completing the Installation

Promptly complete the installation as guided, ensuring everything is set up correctly.

Embark on the Adventure

With the installation completed, launch the game and immerse yourself in “Nu Carnival.”

Downloading “Nu Carnival” on iOS takes a few straightforward steps, guiding you into an alluring world filled with exciting experiences and engaging characters.

Exploring Nu Carnival on Your Computer: A Guide to Playing on PC/Laptop

Understanding Emulation

Emulation involves simulating the behavior of one system on another.

Enhancing Accessibility

Emulators like NoxPlayer allow mobile games to be played on computers.

Expanding Horizons

Playing “Nu Carnival” on PC offers a larger screen and input options.

Unlocking Potential

Emulation provides access to games originally designed for mobile platforms.


Unlocking Potential


Using NoxPlayer

Download and install NoxPlayer, then log in to your Google Play account.

Navigating to the game

Within NoxPlayer’s browser, visit the Nu Carnival website and download the Android version of the game.

Launching the Game

After downloading, click on the game icon within NoxPlayer to initiate gameplay.

Seamless Experience

Emulation bridges the gap between mobile and PC gaming, offering a unique way to enjoy “Nu Carnival.”

Incorporating an emulator transforms your PC into a gateway to the world of “Nu Carnival,” allowing you to indulge in its delights in a whole new manner.


“Nu Carnival” is a cool mix of stories with cute guys, fun game battles, and reading like in a storybook. It’s like a special adventure where you meet interesting people and do exciting things in a magical world. Whether you like battles where you take turns, interesting stories like in books, or you’re curious about the Gemstone Clan’s exciting journeys, “Nu Carnival” has something special for you. It promises an unforgettable adventure in its exciting world for anyone ready to explore!


Q: What is Nu Carnival?

A: Nu Carnival is a free-to-play Yaoi-themed mobile game developed by Infinity Alpha in collaboration with SGArts. It features a mix of RPG elements and visual novel storytelling.

Q: Where can I download Nu Carnival?

A: You can download Nu Carnival from its official website since it’s not available on app stores due to its explicit content.

Q: Is Nu Carnival suitable for all ages?

A: No, Nu Carnival contains explicit content intended for mature audiences only.


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